Snow Park Policies

Snow Tubin' Safety Information

  • Participants must be at least 4′ (48 inches) tall to ride alone.
  • Each child 3’4″ to 3’11” (40 to 47 inches) tall uses a small child-size tube and is accompanied by a ticketed adult (age 16 or older) with a regular tube linked to the child tube.* 
  • Children cannot ride on another rider’s lap. / One person per tube.
  • Sorry, children under 3’4″ (40 inches) tall are not permitted to snow tube.
  • Waterproof clothing and snow boots are recommended. No Ski boots.
  • Personal sleds or tubes cannot be used on our tube hill. The tube is included in the ticket price.
  • Non-ticketed guests are NOT allowed on the tubin’ hill.
  • Children under the age of 10 may not be left unattended at park. A ticketed adult must be present on the tubin’ hill.
  • Participants must abide by Tubin’ Hill Rules and staff instruction.

*Children 3’4″ to 3’11” (40 to 47 inches) tall must check-in at ticket counter to receive special combo ticket.

Hill Rules

Before you Tube:

  • Read and obey all posted signs including those on the back of tickets.
  • No loose clothing, long hair, or long scarves should be exposed.
  • Attach lift tickets on coats in a visible location such as a zipper pull or button loop.
  • Watch your step while walking throughout the park – snow and ice make conditions slippery.
  • For safety, you should be in good health and free from the following conditions:  head or back problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, joint issues, circulation problems, pregnancy, or osteoporosis, for this tubing experience.


Riding the Carpet Lift:

  • Enter the loading station of the carpet lift in a single file line.
  • Step onto the carpet lift while grasping the tube handle (do not hold the loop around your wrist).
  • Lean forward as you step onto the carpet lift.
  • Keep your feet spread apart to maintain balance.
  • Riders must REMAIN STANDING while riding the Lift. No walking or sitting.
  • At the top, be ready to step off the moving carpet to EXIT TO THE LEFT.


Riding down the Hill:

  • Only ride in designated tubin’ lanes.
  • Do not use lanes marked “closed” or roped off.
  • The linking of tubes is only allowed in designated lanes.
  • Please read the signs at the top to see how many tubes may link in each lane.
  • Wait until the rider in front of you has passed the red flags at the bottom of the hill before you start your run.
  • Hold on to the tube strap so it will not drag on the way down.
  • Sit or lie on the tube and push off to start your run. NO RUNNING STARTS.
  • After passing the red flags, drag your feet to slow your ride.
  • Once stopped, walk to the end of the lane and exit the runout area immediately.
  • Never cross in front of oncoming tubers.
  • Help others if needed, especially children.
  • Do not jump lanes.
  • Notify any hill staff member if rules are being broken or potential problems are noticed.

Do not remove snow tubes beyond the tube cage and tubing hill area. Return tubes outside the tube cage before leaving. Thank you!