Snow Calendar for 2014-15 Posted

The upcoming season's snow tubin' calendar is now available More dates and tubin' times than ever before!

Seacoast on Channel 13's Road Trippin'

Seacoast on Channel 13's Road Trippin'
At the end of August, WGME's Dave Eid stopped by Seacoast Adventure to check out the progress on our expansion as well as the hotel construction across the street from us.

Construction Coming Along

Work continues on the south end of Seacoast

Shipwreck Cove Coming Soon!

Pirates are taking over Maine's Seacoast! New for the Windham park will be Shipwreck Cove - a water playground specially designed for kids from 2 to 12 year old.

End of Season Tubin'

Snow Tubin' continues into April. This weekend (April 4-6) Seacoast's Snow Park will be open for spring tubin'. With so much snow left on the hill the operations may continue into mid-April.

WinterKids Sponsor Day at Seacoast

WinterKids teams up with Seacoast Adventure to thank community sponsors on Saturday, March 15

WGME's Dave Eid at Seacoast

Dave Eid recently stopped by for a visit to check out all the fun on Seacoast's Tubin' Hill. Click to watch the video...

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day

Vacation Week Advanced Tickets

Seacoast is opening daily for February vacation week. Advanced tickets for February vacation week are now available to order online.

So Much Snow

So Much Snow
We've added another foot of snow!