Prices are per person and are subject to change.

Multi Pass 2

2 single-use tickets $18.50

Multi Pass 3

3 single-use tickets $27.00

Tickets may be used for the following: 18-Hole Mini Golf or Go-Karts.

Individual Tickets

Prices are per person unless otherwise noted.

18-Hole Mini Golf

Open daily, weather permitting.
General Admission, guests 58" and taller $10.00
Junior, guests under 58" $7.50
Seniors, 65+ $7.50
Children, under 40" Free
Replay a 2nd round $4.00


Open daily, weather & staff permitting.
Single Kart, guests 58" and taller $10.00
Double Kart, adult driver and child 40" to under 58" $10.00

Shipwreck Cove
Water Playground

Children age 10 or under must be accompanied into Shipwreck Cove area by an adult.

Due to enhanced sanitation procedures Shipwreck Cove has Water Play Time Blocks. This is to ensure capacity and allow for full cleanings throughout the day. Each time block lasts 2 hours.

Water Play Time Blocks for August 22-30 + Sept 2-4

July 4 through August 21
General Admission, guests 40" or taller $14.00
Children under 40" tall (limited slides) $7.00
Infants (under 1 year old, no slides) Free
Spectator (no slides) $9.00

Sky Swing

No more hours for 2022 due to staffing limitations.
Single Flyer, guests 48" or taller $18.00
Double $32.00
Triple $48.00
Re-fly, same flyer(s) still suited $12.00

 Note:  See calendar for hours.