Prices are per person and are subject to change.

Multi Pass 2

2 single-use tickets $17.00

Multi Pass 3

3 single-use tickets $25.00

Tickets may be used for the following: 18-Hole Mini Golf, Go-Karts, or 6 runs on the Hill Slides Summer Tubin'.

Individual Tickets

Prices are per person unless otherwise noted.

Adventure 18-Hole Mini Golf

General Admission, guests 58" and taller $8.50
Junior, guests under 58" $7.50
Seniors, 65+ $7.50
Children, under 40" Free


 4.5 minute ride

Single Kart, guests 58" and taller $9.00
Double Kart, adult driver and child 40" to under 58" $9.00

Hill Slides Summer Tubin'

6 Runs on Slides, guests 45" and taller $9.00

Shipwreck Cove Water Playground

Children age 10 or under must be accompanied into Shipwreck Cove area by an adult.

General Admission, guests 40" or taller $12.00
Children under 40" tall (limited slides) $6.00
Infants (under 1 year old, no slides) Free
Spectator (no slides) $8.00

Sky Swing

Single Flyer, guests 48" or taller $18.00
Double $28.00
Triple $35.00
Re-fly, same flyer(s) still suited $12.00

Crazy Apes Aerial Adventures

Scheduled Climb Times - Check Hours
 2.5 hours Climb Time, guests 56" and taller  $27.50

 Note:  Attractions open at 10 am or later. See calendar for hours.