Looking for a fun, affordable way to spend some quality time with friends and family this summer? With a broad collection of attractions ranging from the adrenaline-filled Sky Swing to a more relaxed game of mini-golf, we have something for everyone. Whether you're looking to add a little excitement to your life, or you just want to spend a relaxing day in the great outdoors, come on over to Seacoast Adventure in Windham!

Parking and entrance to the park are free. You may come in and pay for just the attraction that you wish to participate in, or just watch your family play*.

*exception of entry fee for Shipwreck Cove

Adventure Golf

Enjoy a competitive round of putt-putt with your family and friends around our beautiful 18-hole course. Open weekends in mid-May, September, and through mid-October plus daily Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Must start no later than 1 hour before closing. 


General Admission (58" & taller): $8.50/person
Junior/Senior(Under 58" tall/age 65+): $7.50/person
Children (Under 40"): Free


Test your ability to create the fastest line around the track!  Rides last approximately four minutes and the track is 1/4 mile long. Minimum height to ride is 3'4"(40") - under 4'10"(58") and to drive is 4'10"(58"). Open starting weekends in mid-May through Columbus weekend.


4.5 minute ride - Single Kart (58" & taller): $9.00/kart
Double Kart (adult & child 40"- under 58"): $9.00/kart

Hill Slides Summer Tubin’

Grab an inner tube and take a laughter-filled plunge down our attraction you won't find anywhere else in the region! Our Hill Slides brings the fun of winter tubin’ to our summer and fall seasons. Race down on the side-by-side lanes or link up to 4 tubes together. No need to wear your swimsuit -the Hill Slides are a dry attraction with only a slight misting effect used to speed up your experience. Tubers will ride our Express Carpet Lift to the top of the 100 foot hill before coasting down our 330 foot run. Minimum height to ride is 3'9" (45”). Scheduled open Memorial Weekend through first weekend of October.


Per person: $9.00/6 runs

Sky Swing

On the 100-foot tall Sky Swing you will feel all the thrills of skydiving and hang gliding in one action packed ride. The Sky Swing accommodates 1, 2, or 3 fliers at a time. Minimum height to fly is 4' (48”). Open Memorial Weekend to August 29 as well as Labor Day Weekend and select weekends during the fall. Please call to check operating hours. 


Double: $28.00
Triple: $35.00
Refly (still suited, same flyer(s): $12.00/person

Shipwreck Cove Water Playground

Shipwreck Cove is an outdoor water playground featuring a plunging bucket, 12 bubblers, 3 slides and water squirts. Kids ages 3 - 12 will love cooling off in the splashground. 

Please note: Shipwreck Cove is a gated area, all persons (including adults and non-participants) entering are required to purchase an entry pass. Non-participating guests may purchase a Spectator Pass if entering but not sliding. For safety reasons, children under age of 10 may not enter without an adult chaperone. Scheduled to open on June 13 (see hours).


General Admission (40" & taller):  $12.00
Child under 40", limited slides: $6.00
Spectator, no slides: $8.00
Infant, 12 months & under: Free