What is an aerial adventure park?

Get ready to challenge your body and your mind for a once in a lifetime experience at Crazy Apes! It’s an obstacle course in the trees! Elements are suspended between trees or poles. Each course or trail varies in terms of elevation and the strenuousness of the challenges. Elements include rope bridges, ladders, cargo nets, zip lines and more. These creative elements provide unique challenges in balancing, climbing or zipping.

Trails are marked like ski trails going from green to blue,  (easy to moderate) and trails get higher as you progress. All courses are self-guided and every person is snapped into a safety line.

Crazy Apes Adventure Park

Think you, your family, and friends can handle up to 2 1/2 hours of tree top adventure? Are you looking for an all-round great day of fun? Come and amaze yourself as you take on a series of obstacles head on, from speedy drops, suspended bridges, and thrilling zip lines. Come on a hot day, it's always cooler in our trees!

Our AERIAL adventure park consists of 7 elevated trails within our two course locations - the Outback course with 5 trails and the Hillside course with 2 trails. The trails feature over 65 elements that will challenge you to new heights.

We have 2 Climb n' Zip Packages: the Basic Challenge or the Great Adventure. Both packages include lots of one-of-a-kind obstacles and plenty of zip lining. The Basic Challenge is geared toward first time adventurers and gives you a basic sampling of what it's like trek through the trees. For more thrill-seeking climbers the Great Adventure offers even more obstacles and zip lines.

In addition to our Climb n' Zip packages, Seacoast offers a Zip Line Tour featuring three major zip lines that fly you across the length Tubin' Hill and back into the woods. With over 2100 feet of zip lines, you won't want to miss this exhilarating ride!

Get ready to challenge your body and your mind for a once in a lifetime experience at Crazy Apes!